Top 5 Surfaces for your Science Lab

Top 5 Surfaces for your Science Lab

Outfitting your STEM or Science Lab, or your Art Department?
How do you know the best table top surface for your application?
Here’s the list of the Top 5 Science Table surfaces available and how they compare.

  1. Standard High Pressure Laminate Tops
    1″ industrial grade particle board core laminate with standard HPL (High Pressure Laminate). This durable surface is like your kitchen counter top and suitable for areas that are not exposed to acids or reagents.
  2. Chem Resistant Laminate (Chemsurf)
    The 1″ table tops are laminated with chemical resistant “Chemsurf”. Suitable for all K-12 science laboratory situations. The cannot be used in areas with high acid concentrations.
  3. Phenolic Resin Core
    3/4″ phenolic resin core with a chemical resistant surface. Water and heat resistant and suitable for use in K-12 science laboratory applications that do not require maximum acid resistance.
  4. Solid Epoxy Resin
    Individually molded solid core tops. Suitable for use where maximum concentrations of acids are used. Water and heat resistant.
  5. Durasurf
    Acid resistant characteristics similar to solid expoy. The core is MDF and coated with an epoxy powder 3-5 ml finish. Maximum acid and scratch resistance. Suitable for use in k-12 science laboratory applications.

Additional information, specific acid resistance and performance specifications are available upon request.

Bakagain provides all standard sizes, top surfaces and even adjustable heights. We can also have your tables and cabinets custom made to your specification. Call 910.769.2422 with your request and we will provide a quotation asap! or email
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