STEM saves ART

STEM saves ART

STEM saves ART

Stem Science Technology Engineering Math

Over the past decade music and art have sadly been reduced or eliminated from the education budget. Luckily our public school at the time did not follow that unfortunate trend. I remember sitting at the kitchen counter with our son’s friend who expressed that he didn’t have time to take art because of all of his other IMPORTANT classes. I said “Colby, you can’t really feel that art is unimportant – do you?” He really did feel that way. This is the same kid that went on to be at the top of his class and is currently studying to be an engineer. I wonder if now in his second year in college, he thinks about art with a new perspective.

Our other son’s friend Kathy was always a clever girl, and it was apparent from when she was just a toddler. She also went on to study engineering – industrial engineering. Kathy and I had a chance to catch up when she was on break from school and I asked her how it was going. She said the “math” was very challenging and she and her “artist” friends had to work pretty hard to keep on track. But many of the “Math and Techie” oriented students struggled with the art classes. What a valuable observation. I’d like to think that when Kathy was busy collecting her objects from nature and arranging them in forts made from pool towels and chairs that she was really in the early stages of her education by combining her artistic talents with her science curiosity that ultimately lead her to study industrial engineering.

So thank you STEM for saving ART!  Stem, Science, Technology, Engineering Mathematics & ART.

Note: I was inspired to write this memory after seeing the beautiful patterns in the ice along a sandy trail. Which patterns developed during the freezing process? Which were caused by the warmth of the sun and which by the elements around them. I may not entirely understand the science behind the patterns but I sure appreciate the natures beauty. See more ICE PHOTOS

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