3D Food Engineer? That’s Pretty Sweet!

3D Food Engineer? That’s Pretty Sweet!

Imagine 15 years ago thinking about career opportunities. Would “3D Food Engineer” have come to mind? What does that even mean?

3D Systems is working with the Culinary Institute of America where students and faculty are printing 3 dimensional culinary delights on the chefjet pro such as chocolate roses and geometric sugar cubes. 3D Printing is being integrated into the professional kitchen- now that’s pretty sweet.

It not only makes sense but is already a reality and in my opinion is a perfect example of STEAM education and the importance of collaboration and team based communication.

  • Food SCIENCE
  • Printing TECHNOLOGY to Create the edible
  • 3D Modeling & ENGINEERING
  • Creative ARTistic Design
  • MATH calculations

Maybe we should combine math with Engineering and save the M for MARKETING. This is big.

Budding engineers getting out their ipads