7 Fun Ways Students Use Mobile Devices

7 fun ways tudents use Tablet computers in the class room

7 Fun Ways Students Use Mobile Devices

7 Fun Ways Students Use Mobile Devices in the Classroom
Students consistently report that they learn more when mobile devices are incorporated into lessons by their teachers. Some are even leading the charge for more technology in the classroom.

So how do students use their mobile devices during the school day – and afterwards outside of class?

  1. Record themselves reading on their iPods to perfect pronunciation. Viva el Espanol!
  2. Create videos and record audio over the top explaining how they got their answers.
  3. Send vocabulary words back and forth from classrooms.
  4. Actively engage with the video they’re watching by answering questions on their device.
  5. Hide videocaches and use geocaching.com so members of the public can search for them.
  6. Make “videoconference-pals” with students in other countries.
  7. Play “Mystery Skype” with other classrooms and try to guess where they’re located.

Recent research suggests that 41% to 66% of K-12 students in the U.S. had access to mobile devices, such as tablets, at school or home. That’s according to “A New Digital Playbook: Understanding the Spectrum of Students’ Activities and Aspirations,” a report from the educational nonprofit, Project Tomorrow, which polled 3.4 million students, teachers, administrators, and parents in late 2013.

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