What’s the (Anchor) Point?

What’s the (Anchor) Point?

As I worked on a clipping path in photoshop I noticed the sweeping curves on our Recoil Chair. First let me explain anchor points and clipping paths in simple terms. For quality printing purposes you need to “clip” away the background to create a silhouette of your image (clipping path). To do so you click around the hard/straight edges of your image making anchor points. You click and drag to create curved anchor points. Then you can adjust the curves by dragging the “handlebars”. If you look closely at this screen shot from my photoshop file you can see the actual anchor points.

Recoil Chair from OFM Design with sweeping curves

Maybe I should get back to the point.

Our Recoil Chair has a super comfortable spring back frame, a 400 lb weight capacity, comes in 6 beautiful anti-microbial / anti-bacterial colors and affordable at $339.
These features make the Recoil chair a great choice for your lobby, think tank or lounge. But I also appreciate the graceful design that stopped me in the middle of my photoshop project. I felt compare to share my revelation about the sweeping curves of our Recoil chair as I created the curves in my clipping path.

The point? If you want comfort and beautiful design that’s affordable see more about our Recoil Lounge Seating
or give us at Bakagain Inc Furniture 336-701-2333.

OFM Inc. Model #841 Recoil Lounge Chair