An Evolutionary Teachers Desk Idea

An Evolutionary Teachers Desk Idea

Introducing the Evolutions Teachers Desk with Tablet Charging – Your Single Mobile Device Storage & Instruction Solution.

Efficient, Organized, Secure, Charged, Productive. I am describing your potential with the addition of this single product. The spacious  30″d x 60″w table top provides ample space for your projects, featuring two built-in locking cabinets charge and secure 24 tablet computers all one space saving footprint. We even include an additional shelf for your books, binders or baskets of training aid materials.

Charge 24 tablet computers on the Evolutions Teacher DeskThis design exceeds the challenge of maximizing space and budget by using every square inch to your advantage. For example, typically a  quality teacher’s station includes a modesty panel for structural integrity and privacy. In the Bakagain tradition of ReThink, ReClaim, ReCharge we expanded the concept of a modesty panel and ReClaimed this space to become a full functioning tablet charging cabinet.

By ReThinking the form we were able to design an innovative mobile teachers station that also ReCharges your mobile devices.

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