Mobile Tablet Computer Charging Carts

Tablet Charging Cart Up to 40 Devices Mobile

Mobile Tablet Computer Charging Carts

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Mobile Tablet Computer Charging Carts

Our Charging Carts for Mini Laptops, like Chromebooks, is flexible, use it to store and charge just Chromebooks or mix and match with Tablets, e-Readers, Hand-Helds and Smart Phones. Adjust the width of bays and height of shelves to fit any device in any case.

  • Lift and set shelves and pop and go bays make the interior of the cart completely configurable, so the end user can adjust it to fit their current devices, their next devices, and the ones after that. One is only limited by the overall size of the cart, which is very small indeed!
  • Adjustability, YES. The Charging Carts have shelves and bays that are completely adjustable. They can be reconfigured when devices change, so they’re essentially future proof. The Charging Carts will fit devices today, tomorrow, and in the future.
  • There are four different versions of our Charging Cart: the ChromeBook Charging Cart, the Tablet Charging Cart, the Tablet Charging Sync Cart, and the YES Cart for Charging Cart for ChromeBooks.
  • Chromebooks, Ultrabooks and Netbooks – basically any device with a 13” screen or smaller – fit perfectly in the Cart for ChromeBooks. Its bays and shelves adjust to fit from 1-36 mini-laptop devices of all shapes and sizes, with or without cases. This Cart also features a built-in power management system that alternates power from one side of the cart to the other. We also have a small version of the Cart for ChromeBooks, which holds from 1-20 devices.
  • For users who use iOS devices and need built-in sync, we have the Cart for Tablets with Wired Sync, which has 32 USB ports that allow simultaneous sync and charge.

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