CFC Educational Science Lab includes Science Tables, Science Cabinets and Chemical Resistant Counter Tops

5 Science Tabletop Surfaces Review

Time to order Tables for your  STEM or Science Lab Maker, Art Room or Maker Space? Wondering about which Science Tabletop Surface is best for you? Here’s a guide of Top 5 Science Table surfaces and how they compare.
  1. Standard High Pressure Laminate Tops 1″ industrial grade particle board core laminate with standard HPL (High Pressure Laminate). This durable surface is like your kitchen counter top and suitable for areas that are not exposed to acids or reagents.
  2. Chem Resistant Laminate (Chemsurf) The 1″ table tops are laminated with chemical resistant “Chemsurf”. Suitable for all K-12 science laboratory situations. The cannot be used in areas with high acid concentrations. ChemSurf offers higher chemical resistance than standard High Pressure Laminate.
  3. Phenolic Resin Core 3/4″ phenolic resin core with a chemical resistant surface. Water and heat resistant and suitable for use in K-12 science laboratory applications that do not require maximum acid resistance.
  4. Solid Epoxy Resin Individually molded solid core tops. Suitable for use where maximum concentrations of acids are used. Water and heat resistant.
  5. Durasurf Acid resistant characteristics similar to solid epoxy. The core is MDF and coated with an epoxy powder 3-5 ml finish.Maximum acid and scratch resistance. Suitable for use in k-12 science laboratory applications.
Corialm Casegoods Science Lab Cabinets available at Bakagain Furniture Additional information, specific acid resistance and performance specifications are available upon request. Bakagain provides all standard sizes, top surfaces and even adjustable heights. We can also have your tables and cabinets custom made to your specification.

3D Food Engineer? That’s Pretty Sweet!

Imagine 15 years ago thinking about career opportunities. Would "3D Food Engineer" have come to mind? What does that even mean? 3D Systems is working with the Culinary Institute of America where students and faculty are printing 3 dimensional culinary delights on the chefjet pro such as chocolate roses and geometric sugar cubes. 3D Printing is being integrated into the professional kitchen- now that's pretty sweet. It not only makes sense but is already a reality and in my opinion is a perfect example of STEAM education and the importance of collaboration and team based communication.
  • Food SCIENCE
  • Printing TECHNOLOGY to Create the edible
  • 3D Modeling & ENGINEERING
  • Creative ARTistic Design
  • MATH calculations
Maybe we should combine math with Engineering and save the M for MARKETING. This is big. Budding engineers getting out their ipads