CFC Educational Science Lab includes Science Tables, Science Cabinets and Chemical Resistant Counter Tops

5 Science Tabletop Surfaces Review

Time to order Tables for your  STEM or Science Lab Maker, Art Room or Maker Space? Wondering about which Science Tabletop Surface is best for you? Here’s a guide of Top 5 Science Table surfaces and how they compare.
  1. Standard High Pressure Laminate Tops 1″ industrial grade particle board core laminate with standard HPL (High Pressure Laminate). This durable surface is like your kitchen counter top and suitable for areas that are not exposed to acids or reagents.
  2. Chem Resistant Laminate (Chemsurf) The 1″ table tops are laminated with chemical resistant “Chemsurf”. Suitable for all K-12 science laboratory situations. The cannot be used in areas with high acid concentrations. ChemSurf offers higher chemical resistance than standard High Pressure Laminate.
  3. Phenolic Resin Core 3/4″ phenolic resin core with a chemical resistant surface. Water and heat resistant and suitable for use in K-12 science laboratory applications that do not require maximum acid resistance.
  4. Solid Epoxy Resin Individually molded solid core tops. Suitable for use where maximum concentrations of acids are used. Water and heat resistant.
  5. Durasurf Acid resistant characteristics similar to solid epoxy. The core is MDF and coated with an epoxy powder 3-5 ml finish.Maximum acid and scratch resistance. Suitable for use in k-12 science laboratory applications.
Corialm Casegoods Science Lab Cabinets available at Bakagain Furniture Additional information, specific acid resistance and performance specifications are available upon request. Bakagain provides all standard sizes, top surfaces and even adjustable heights. We can also have your tables and cabinets custom made to your specification.
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5 QUICK SHIP Furniture Picks

5 QUICK SHIP Furniture Picks

Our product line is designed to ensure long-term end-user satisfaction How? Furniture must provide end-user functionality. That's the whole point of making a purchase - you want it to work! Our furniture is hand-selected so that you will use & enjoy your purchases for years of functional, versatile & reliable service - in style. As manufacturers for over a decade & Jim's furniture design & engineering, we understand the VALUE of QUALITY design & materials. Here are 5 QUICK SHIP Furniture Picks for this month. 
  1. Adjustable Height Science Tables – ChemRes Hi-Pressure Laminate Top Panel Science Tables that adjust on demand from 29″h-41″h. Love the on demand aspect. Only one person needed. Lift one side, then the other side & presto.
  2. Mobile Partition & Display Panels You can create just about any space from full-on collaborative brain storming to contemplative private study. Great looking & affordably priced. DOC stands for -  Divide Spaces | Organize Spaces | & Combine your choice of board. Magnetic Porcelain Dry Erase Panels, Dura-Rite Hi-Pressure Laminate,  Cork Board Panels and/or Hook & Loop Panels.  GreenGuard Gold Certified
  3. Tech Tubs for iPads – 7 Unit Lock, Charge, Sync. in a compact portable solution for a handful of tablets or use as an add-on solution to a full size charging cart. They are vented, light weight & easy to tote. Tech Tubs support a “grow your technology” approach to purchasing.
  4. Rico Stacking Chairs  300 lb. weight capacity GreenGuard Certified for Children & Schools. 6 Colors; Black, Red, Burgundy, Lemon Yellow, Navy & Lime Green with Silver Metal Bases. 4 Heights; 12", 14", 16" or 18".
  5. InterPlay Series Lounge Seating with Tablet Arm So many uses for the tablet chair & tablet sofa with built-in handle & 2 casters. Ideal for a waiting room so patients can use the tablet arm to fill out paper work or enjoy reading material, a library to study & take notes or collaborative area at work or school. 4 coverings & color options including all PVC free polyurethane, AntiBacterialAntiMicrobial. 500 lb. weight capacity!

Why did these products the top 5 QUICK SHIP Furniture Picks for September?  

Quick Ship: It's back to school & back from vacation. Schools, Business & Healthcare Facilities need furniture now. Your order will generally ship within 24-48 hours. Design: A laptop cart for example needs to have adequate charging bays to store & charge the laptops & accommodate the power cords for cable management. A design must meet the needs of the end-user & protect the equipment investment. Price: The business office needs to purchase within their budget to hit an affordable "price point". At Bakagain, we select furniture that is the best in their class at "entry-level, better & best" price levels. For example, our science tables top materials range from Hi-pressure Chemical Resistant (ChemSurf), Phenolic Resin to Epoxy Resin. An elementary school may choose to purchase Epoxy Resin because that is what most people picture when they think of science tables. Actually hi-pressure or chemical resistant laminate could be considered the "best" in terms of durability & price because k-6 doesn't use chemical agents that other surfaces guard against.  Function: Education, Business & Healthcare settings need to count on their products to stand up to daily use. Our Medical Supply Carts & Point of Care Carts for example are mobile, have accessories for your specific needs & locking options for secure care. Call Bakagain Inc for more information - we are happy to provide specifications & quotations! 910.769.2422. PO Box 10661 | Wilmington, NC 28404   Bakagain

3D Food Engineer? That’s Pretty Sweet!

Imagine 15 years ago thinking about career opportunities. Would "3D Food Engineer" have come to mind? What does that even mean? 3D Systems is working with the Culinary Institute of America where students and faculty are printing 3 dimensional culinary delights on the chefjet pro such as chocolate roses and geometric sugar cubes. 3D Printing is being integrated into the professional kitchen- now that's pretty sweet. It not only makes sense but is already a reality and in my opinion is a perfect example of STEAM education and the importance of collaboration and team based communication.
  • Food SCIENCE
  • Printing TECHNOLOGY to Create the edible
  • 3D Modeling & ENGINEERING
  • Creative ARTistic Design
  • MATH calculations
Maybe we should combine math with Engineering and save the M for MARKETING. This is big. Budding engineers getting out their ipads      

ABS & PLA 3D Printing Material Guide

You are interested in getting started with 3D printing and you wonder which type of filament to purchase. Both ABS Plastic & PLA Plastic are great choices for 3D Printing and we created a PDF printing material guide for you to compare.
  • ABS Filament has been the standard material in 3D printing. Its higher melting point & fuel based polymer is similar to the material used to make car bumpers. ABS creates lightweight, moldable, shock & wear resistant parts that are harder to break. It has a longer shelf life.
  • PLA Filament is a corn oil base and is biodegradable / compostable. PLA is a great choice for those new to 3D printing. It has a greater range of geometry for intricate designs & tends to have minimal warping even on larger parts.

Both materials are available for the Cube 3D with 20+ color options each containing enough material to make about 35 models per cartridge. Switching them out is a breeze - they snap right in. The Cube can also tell you how much material you have left, and won't let you start to print a design if you don't have enough material to finish it, to avoid waste. Another example of printing yield is you can print about 13 to 15 cell phone cases (or creations of similar size) from a single cartridge. You can get a discount when you get a pack of cartridges together.