Kwikboost Edgepower Classroom Bundle KBEP-12B6C9
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Kwikboost Edgepower Desk Clamp KBEP-CGR130W
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Classroom Edgepower Desktop Charging


Enjoy the convenient cordless charging of mobile devices. The EdgePowerâ„¢ Desktop Charging Station bundle is a total solution for laptops and mobile devices in workspace and classroom environments. EdgePower eliminates extension cords by putting power right where you need it. The EdgePower Classroom Use Bundle includes 12 Rechargeable Batteries, 6 Clamp On Desktop Charging Unit, plus a 9 bay Battery Charger. This system is ideal for large sized rooms where users require frequent access to supplemental power. FREE SHIPPING


Each EdgePower Clamp On 6 Battery Charging Bundle features an innovative design that easily attaches to most tables and desktops. Once connected, each unit offers a standard AC outlet, a USB-A charging port and a USB-C PD charging port. When loaded with freshly recharged EdgePower Rechargeable Batteries, you have enough power to charge typical laptops up to 2 times, average Chromebooks or tablets up to 4 times, and standard smartphones up to 14 times. If desired, each Desktop Charging Unit can also charge a laptop and 2 mobile devices simultaneously.

Product Features:

Portable charging station system eliminates the need for extension cords and power strips, which are inconvenient, unsightly and a potential trip hazard.

A single EdgePower rechargeable power bank can charge a typical laptop up to 2 times, an average smartphone up to 14 times, and a standard Chromebook or tablet up to 4 times.

If desired, each battery powered charging station can simultaneously charge a laptop and 2 mobile devices.

EdgePower portable power stations make reconfiguring a room easier by eliminating the need to unplug devices.

The Clamp On Desktop Unit works with EdgePower Rechargeable Batteries, which are interchangeable to allow for extended use.

The rechargeable power stations clamp onto desks and tabletop surfaces up to 1.5″ thick.

Backlit On/Off switch activates and deactivates the AC outlets to help conserve batteries.

One year limited warranty.


Rechargeable Batteries: 12

Clamp-On Desktop Charging Units: 6

9 Bay Charging Station: 1

Recommended number of users (constant use): 6

Recommended number of users (frequent use): Up to 24

Kwikboost Edgepower Classroom Bundle KBEP-12B6C9
Kwikboost Edgepower Bundle Brochure

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Classroom Edgepower Desktop Charging Station System KBEP-12B6C9


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