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HealthCare Design Trends 2015 - Linear Design & Color

4 HealthCare Design Trends 2015

4 HealthCare Design Trends 2015 The most recent "Designer Pages" article on "Hospitality Furniture Trends" suggests that linear details in furniture design along with color, visually accent your decor. We agree & extend the market to include HealthCare Furniture. When considering DESIGN create a cohesive look to your space by avoiding too many different ideas in one area. Do you like simplicity, geometric arrangements, curved or linear, bold or natural styles? Choose a theme & then punctuate with dashes of color to a monochromatic decor or add a contoured seating arrangement to a rectangular layout. These design details will add a style to your facility. Reflect your professional image & create a positive environment for your patients. Here are 4 HealthCare Design Trend examples for Health Care Facilities, Senior Living Communities & Nursing Home Furniture:
  1. Distinct Lounge Chair and Sofa: The SIMPLICITY of color allows the negative & positive space to create undistracted visual interest.
  2. Jump Seat: Our Jump Seats transforms an ordinary hall into stylized space saving seating solution. The wall-mounted seating systems adds an artistic GEOMETRIC DESIGN to an otherwise lack hallway.
  3. Recoil Lounge Seating: The flexible steel frame adds CONTOUR to your lobby or waiting room & comfort for your patients. The 400 pound weight capacity & anti-microbial / anti-bacterial PVC free coverings are available in BOLD COLORS & add dynamics to your decor.
  4. Bedside Tables: A leaf motif was incorporated on this cabinet door adding a NATURAL warm look to your patient room. Our nursing home patient room furnishings are available in numerous finishes options, contemporary to traditional door fronts & hardware adding personal style for your patients wellbeing.
When choosing healthcare furniture budget & value is the driving force. We get that. At Bakagain Inc you will find value priced furniture with exceptional style & function.