Senior Living Seating

Senior Living Seating

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Senior Living Seating

Seniors benefit from the recreational centers, clubhouses and social interaction in community rooms. On site facilities provide seniors with the opportunity to connect with peers & participate in:

  • Community activities
  • Arts & crafts
  • Holiday gatherings
  • Continuing education classes or interest groups
  • Movie nights

At Bakagain, Inc. we address these activities & interactions with a complete selection of seating options for your facility. From the time your senior guest, your staff or visitor enters your lobby, to your many recreation areas, library, dining rooms to each personal resident guest rooms. Our selection of seating styles, fabrics, wood finishes & antimicrobial/antibacterial vinyls will enhance the quality of each day and durability to last for years to come. Call 336-701-2333 for a complete price list or to request additional information or by email to

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Here are a ideas for Senior Living Seating 

For a complete PRICE LIST or additional information for all of our Senior Living Seating collections for Health Care, Business or Education give us a call at 336-701-2333 or email

Purposeful Seating – Dining Chairs, Lounge Chairs, Cafe Chairs and Guest Room Seating in “customer owned” or a selection of standard fabrics and covering to match your decor.

Space Saving Wall Mounted Seating – The award winning JumpSeat Wall provides where short term seating is needed but space is limited. The innovative folding mechanism allows the seat to cantilever off the wall, making it ideal for hospital corridors, waiting rooms and other public areas where space is at a premium.

Stack Chairs and Stack Activity Dolly – Each dolly holds up to 10 stacking chairs for easy transport and safe storage. Even if you have 6 chairs, the dolly will allow you to transport them from storage to venue quickly and doesn’t require a second person to help carry them on or two at a time.

Solid Wood and Upholstered Seating – With so many styles available, the visual landscape of an environment can vary while maintaining a family consistency –  from reception areas and executive suites to libraries and healthcare facilities. Application flexibility with three models available: Armless Side Chair, Arm Chair and Barstool.

Waiting and Lounge Seating – Our lounge seating redefines style and function for the office, common areas, reception room, meeting areas in business, healthcare and hospitality environments. Our DISTINCT and INTERPLAY series both offer AntiMicrobial colors, a 500 lb. weight capacity.

For the Doctor – Our Anatomy Chair is perfect for the doctor’s office, reception station or anywhere a stool is needed. The 360 degree gas lift makes adjusting the height easy from any position.