Mobile Sneeze Guard | Clear Acrylic Room Divider


Sneeze Guard Mobile Acrylic Room Divider. Perfect for a wide variety of office, retail, and education environments, this versatile item creates separation between spaces, doubles as a whiteboard, and is easy to move when you need to reconfigure a room. Part sneeze shield. Part COLLABORATION tool. Entirely useful.

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Perfect for hospitals, corporate offices, banks, medical clinics, reception desk areas, waiting rooms, and more

Here’s a room partition that promotes social distancing in an office, classroom, healthcare facility, retail environment, and more. With a tall, acrylic sneeze guard panel that extends nearly to the floor, it creates a barrier between workspaces or sections off small areas of a room.

A strong, steel frame with lockable casters makes this plastic barrier easy to move when you need to, yet sturdy and stable when you don’t. Water-soluble markers enable it to double as a dry-erase whiteboard.

Product Features:

Allows sectioning of work, retail, clinic, and education spaces without obstructing the view

Economically priced without compromising quality

Full-length, vertical orientation

Smooth-rolling locking casters, two with locking brakes, deliver effortless mobility on carpeted and hard floors

Easy to clean with a microfiber cloth and a solution of mild dish soap and water or commercial plastic cleaners rated safe for use on acrylics*

Writeable surface allows it to double as a markerboard (water-soluble markers only)**


Overall dimensions: 43″W x 24″D x 75″H

Acrylic shield dimensions: 38.5″W x 64″H

Panel material: Clear acrylic

Panel thickness: 5/16”

Casters: 2” (two with locking brakes)

Outer frame material: Powder-coated steel, Inner frame material: Aluminum

Required tools: Allen wrench (included)

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Mobile Clear Acrylic Room Divider / Sneeze Guard


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Luxor #MD4072A

43″ W x 24″ H x 24″D

Weight: 6.1 lbs.

**Water-soluble dry-erase markers are safe for use on these acrylic panels. Other forms of dry-erase markers are not recommended because they will be difficult to erase and could possibly leave stains and ghosting.

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24" W x 24" H, 30" W x 24" H, 48" W x 24" H, 60" W x 24" H