Enlighten Mobile Glass Whiteboard

Enlighten Mobile Glass Whiteboard


Enlighten Mobile Glass Dry Erase Whiteboard Easels

Compact and lightweight, the Enlighten Mobile Glass Dry Erase Whiteboard by MooreCo – Balt goes wherever its needed with ease and now available at Bakagain Inc. Surface is double sided modern tempered safety glass, providing exceptional writability and erasability with no ghosting.

  • Surface is double sided modern tempered safety glass, providing exceptional writability and erasability with no ghosting.
  • Silver powder coated steel trim with dual wheel casters. The Enlighten Mobile Whiteboard includes accessory tray on each side.
  • Custom “Whiteboard” colors and screen printing available. Call Bakagain for details 336-701-2333


Enlighten Mobile Glass Whiteboard

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Enlighten Mobile Glass Whiteboard  Ideal Solution for Schools and Businesses
Model #BA-4072-EGM     List Price $847.20      Our Price $499.99     Save 41%
40″w x 18″d x 72″h     Weight: 72 Lbs.
Balt #74954 Enlighten Mobile Glass Whiteboard

Care and Maintenance Whiteboards and Erasable Surfaces
Suggested Daily Care & Cleaning for Mobile Glass Markerboards:

  • Wipe surface with a clean cloth moistened with a liquid glass cleaner such as Green Erase.
  • Rinse with clean, clear water.
  • Wipe dry with clean, dry cloth. If your glass whiteboard has a matte or “projection” surface, we suggest using Green Erase or a spray-on type of glass cleaner when erasing your marks. Simply spray the surface and briskly rub with a clean microfiber cloth. Rinse with clear water. Avoid using caustic or abrasive type cleaners. If you ordered a black or custom color glass whiteboard, you may need to use neon color markers in order for your writing to be highly visible on the board surface. Depending on the color you order, we may include a set of neon markers for your convenience.
    New Boards: Many new whiteboards will come with a protective clear plastic sheet covering the markable surface. Make sure that you remove any existing protective cover before attempting to use your markerboard. You may lightly cut around the trim of the board and use your finger nails to pull up the clear plastic sheet. Always clean whiteboards and markable easels when they are now as some residues may be left on the surface from the manufacturing process. Preferably, clean with MooreCo Green Erase board cleaner and a microfiber cleaning cloth. Alternatively, use a glass cleaner or an alcohol based cleaner. Be sure to completely rinse any remaining residue from the board by lightly rinsing it with clean water after cleaning.
    Erasable Markers: The key to the erasability is good quality erasable marker, which dries quickly and a high-quality writing surface. MooreCo recommends using Rite-On markers. Dry erase markers should be kept tightly capped when not in use. With proper care, this marker will have a very long life and remain easily erasable. Do not use low odor or water-based markers. The Rite-On marker is designed to be used on an erasable markerboard. It should not be used on any other surface. Best-Rite can assume no responsibility for erasibility if other types of markers are used. Caution: As the ink will set after a period of time and may become very difficult if not impossible to erase, do not leave the marker ink on the board for several day before erasing. Erasing the board every day will help eliminate ghosting or hard-to-erase marks. If the ink is left on the board for several days, the soil mark cleaning procedures will remove the ink, or, the line may be re-inked with any color Rite-On marker, and then when erased the line should disappear – may require multiple applications.
    Removing Soil Marks: Soil marks (such as paint, oil, crayon stains, tape marks, etc.), which cannot be removed with washing, may be removed without damage to the board surface by using MooreCo Green Erase, household cleaners or cleaning fluids such as denatured alcohol or glass cleaner. Under no circumstances should cleaners which contain paint remover or abrasives be used.
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