Patient Room Furniture Collections

  • Siena Patient Room Furniture

    Siena Patient Room Furniture

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    Siena Patient Room Furniture – Fashion Forward

    The standard features of our Siena Patient Room Furniture offers classic beauty and functionality to complement any decor. A wide selection of designer hardware and wood grain finishes will blend with any existing decor or complete your new decorating project. Each piece is crafted with the utmost attention to detail. Click links below for Siena Patient Room Furniture product details.

  • Sedona Collection Patient Room Furniture

    Sedona Collection at a Glance

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    The Sedona Collection includes several styles of Patient Room Furniture:

    • Bedside Cabinets
    • Headboards & Footboards
    • Single door 24″w or Double 36″ wide Wardrobes
    • Dressers
    • Overbed Tables

    In the drop down menu you have a choice of

    • Cabinet Configurations
    • Cabinet Finish
    • Hardware Finish
    • Door & Drawer Style

    We include even more features at no additional charge to personalize your resident rooms. We are happy to review the design choices with you before or after you place your order. These styling details include:

    • Top edge profile
    • Specific styles of hardware within each finish
    • Apron  Style

    Each piece within the Sedona Collection can be further customized and quoted for your approval.

    We Ship to Your Town, USA!!

  • Custom Nursing Home Furniture

    Custom Patient Room Furniture

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    Custom Patient Room & Behavioral Health Furniture

    Our Custom Patient Room Furniture can be tailored for your unique living space adding function and aesthetics for your nusing home and acute care senior care facility. In both acute and long term care, we see an increasing demand for furniture built to accommodate specific needs. Change may be required due to new regulations, in order to accommodate extra amenities or may be necessary to match a specific decor.  What ever the vision or need, we will work with you to provide a solution.

    Choose from a variety of finishes, door & draw styles and a large choice of pull designs for your nusing home residents. It may be that you choose from our standard Baltic, Sedona or Siena patient room furniture collections and just need a one custom piece or that you would like to create an entire customize room. We also have patient room furniture for Behavioral Health needs. Please scroll for more details or call 336-701-2333 to talk about your project.