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NC State Contract News Furniture All Types 420A

Indoor & Outdoor Seating OFM Net seriesNEWEffective 7/1/2015 – 12/31/2016. The NC State Contract News E-Procurement August 2015 Newsletter outlined the consolidation of previous contracts that will now all be contained in 420-A Furniture All Types. Previously these furniture items were individually listed under 420A, 420B, 420C, 420D, 425A, 425B, 425C, 425D & 425E. You can now purchase all of furniture items under the consolidated 420A contract.

This is the consolidated list outlining the NEW Furniture Contract Commodity Categories 420A Furniture, All Types (as posted On the EC E-Procurement Newsletter August Edition & the NC Division of Administration Purchase & Contract):

Casegoods (Desks, Credenzas, Conference Tables)
Wood Office Desks & Casegoods (Fully Assembled), Laminate Office Desks & Casegoods Desks (Modular Construction)
Classroom Furniture
Chairs, General Purpose, Metal, and Chair Desks, Classroom
Tables, Pupil, Metal
Desks, Teacher’s, Metal
Tables, General Purpose, Metal,
Tables, Computer, Classroom
Ergonomic Chairs
Office Swivel & Side Chairs
Computer Furnitur
Mobile & Folding Furniture
Chairs, Metal Folding, Tables, Folding, Tables, Metal, Folding, Mobile Storage Equipment, Folding Chairs
Upholstered Seating
Lounge Seating, Upholstered (Matching Sofa, Loveseat, Chair Only) & (Sectional & Ganged Seating Only)
Commercial Dining Tables
Chairs, Dining, hospitality, General Purpose (Wood, Upholstered Type) & (Metal, Upholstered Type)
Tables, Dining
Occasional Tables

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These are just a few of the items for purchase on or off the State Contract. Shop online or give us a call for a quotation!