Tablet Charging Carts and Cabinets For Education, Business and HealthCare

Tablet Charging Stations with Style

How to - 5 Tips for Choosing Tablet & Laptop Charging Stations with Style How many devices would you like to store per cart or cabinet? Think about how you will actually use your cart on a daily basis. For example, in a library setting the cart may pretty much stay within one general location. In this case I would recommend a cart with a large capacity and a few spare compartments for future growth. If you have multiple departments sharing the tablets you may be best served with 2 smaller capacity carts/cabinets so that you have the option to transport two carts to separate locations. The carts may typically be stored in one central location but you have the option to transport the carts to separate areas of the building. We even have wall mounted laptop and tablet charging stations for your school, business or medical facility. Is your device and charging solution compatible? We all know what a tablet or laptop computer looks like. But take a closer look at the orientation of the power on your devise compared to the power plug location on the cabinet. We have carts made for specific devices such as the Samsung series 3 Chomebook and Carts/cabinets that are designed for multi purpose charging of tablets, netbooks, laptops and readers all within the same cart. What are your security requirements? Do you just need a deterrent because the carts already secured in a media center, or do you need a more substantial locking solution? All of our carts are all secure under lock and key. For added security many models include a two-point locking system with an option to add your own padlock. Many carts also include an efficient separate locking IT area so staying organized is easy. What is your budget? We have a charging solutions for all budgets with user friendly features for your employees, teachers and students. We will not sell a charging cart that is made poorly just to fit a price point. We sell only quality carts that will perform for long term daily use. What is your style? Traditional or contemporary? We have an attractive selection including Silver/white and a combination wood and metal styling including Maple/White, Shaker Cherry/White, Grand Cherry/White, Grey Nebula/White and Cherry/Black. These are just 5 tips in selecting a charging solution for your school, business or healthcare facility. Our website pages provide detailed specifications and we always enjoy talking with our customers on the telephone or email to provide all the information that you need to make an informed decision. Thank you for visiting Bakagain.
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5 Words to Achieve Success

  1. Model
  2. Lead
  3. TestMesa-Classroom
  4. Repeat
  5. Practice
While reading a mission statement from a local North Carolina Charter School I contemplated their five point teaching model. What I love about the model is the way the second portion of each point tells us the ACTION we can take. And the third portion gives us some verbal ideas to rally ENTHUSIASM. These points can be creatively applied to all types of learning in school, on the job and with our families. Teaching and learning is a collaborative effort. This method provides the opportunity to demonstrate a variety of examples to reach a diverse population. Would you want to learn how to dance, or ski, or learn a new software program with the instructor just standing their shouting instructions? I doubt it. Let's achieve success together!
  1. Model - Demonstrate the skill or behavior. “Watch me do it!”
  2. Lead - Lead the group in performing the skill. “Let’s all do it together!”
  3. Test - Have the group demonstrate the skill. “Now, show me how you do it!”
  4. Repeat until firm. This means mastery. Use lots of examples and non-examples.
  5. Practice learned skills. Advance to the next small skill.
Show me how - Lets do it together - Watch me to see that I have it right - Repeat - Practice. You are ready to advance to the next small skill.

An Evolutionary Teachers Desk Idea

Introducing the Evolutions Teachers Desk with Tablet Charging - Your Single Mobile Device Storage & Instruction Solution. Efficient, Organized, Secure, Charged, Productive. I am describing your potential with the addition of this single product. The spacious  30"d x 60"w table top provides ample space for your projects, featuring two built-in locking cabinets charge and secure 24 tablet computers all one space saving footprint. We even include an additional shelf for your books, binders or baskets of training aid materials. Charge 24 tablet computers on the Evolutions Teacher DeskThis design exceeds the challenge of maximizing space and budget by using every square inch to your advantage. For example, typically a  quality teacher's station includes a modesty panel for structural integrity and privacy. In the Bakagain tradition of ReThink, ReClaim, ReCharge we expanded the concept of a modesty panel and ReClaimed this space to become a full functioning tablet charging cabinet. By ReThinking the form we were able to design an innovative mobile teachers station that also ReCharges your mobile devices. Click here to learn more about the Evolutions Mobile Teacher’s Desk

Photography Shape and Form

Photography Shape and Form What I see, and what I through a camera lens are often two different things. I'll see something so interesting that I immediately want to take a photograph and yet when I look though the eye piece I choose not to take the shot, it doesn't do the live version justice. I refer to four huge blooming dog woods that I looked at from every angle. Beautiful but boring. I record it to memory instead of on a memory stick. That logic can also work in reverse. A simple object or scene may look ordinary but the camera lens allows me to isolate just part of the scene or object eliminating all the other distractions turning the basic into exciting. I enjoy taking photographs of landscapes or objects because they are beautiful just as they are and it's a nice shot. But abstracting them by positioning myself in relation to the scene and where the light is directed I can turn the scene into negative and positive shapes by type and color. When I drive down my favorite back road in Lititz I never grow tired looking at the crop patterns, which horses are standing in a huddles, which shade trees the cows picked lay under and how all of this can dramatically change based on the time of day and the season. I missed a shot last week when a farmer cut down several rows of corn leaving a view of what it would be like if you had x-ray vision, seeing into the middle of a field. The corn was shades of dried up brown but with just enough deep green for color and with a late morning burst of sun, the edges glowed bright gold. I could kick myself because I didn't get out of the car to shoot the picture. It's a winding road, with blind corners, and cars impatiently sharing the road with the occasional buggy, not an easy place to just pull over. Excuses. I call this photo Ribbed Barn. I love the contrast of line, shape and color. Vertical grass, vertical covering, vertical panels on the barn, free-form clouds. Horizontal green shape, horizontal silver shape, triangular gray shape creating negative space in the blue sky. Plants, Steel, Water. See framed photography in the LifeStyle catagory on Bakagain.