Bakagain Premier Partners

Premier Vendors Anthro, OFM, Corilam Fabricating, Oklahoma Sound, National Public SeatingFrom the desk of James Baker, Partner and Furniture Designer 

Bakagain Premier Partners exemplify style, sustainable manufacturing, quality and value.  Bakagain’s partner and furniture designer James Baker can attest to the quality and value that our premier vendors bring to Education Business and Health Care environments. It’s human nature to consider aesthetics as an important element in choosing products, as well as price, versatility, quality and function. Great design means that all of these qualities are addressed and ultimately exceptional user satisfaction. Like any excellence, we make it look easy because so many of the assets not always office are full extension drawer runners or 360 degree hinges, antimicrobial coverings and metal to metal fastenings. These aren’t the glamour elements of design but paramount to our criterial a Bakagain Inc.

Bakagain Premier Partners are Committed to Green Practices

Corilam Fabricating: We work with all available materials including renewable, recovered and environmentally responsible products to meet the customer’s needs. As a certified EPP Downstream Licensed Facility, we demonstrate our commitment to providing our customers with environmentally preferred products.
The majority of our products are design using recycled steel or wood base composite panels. These EPP (Environmentally Preferred Products) are certified with specific environmental characteristics such as 100% recycled wood content and low formaldehyde emissions, less than 018 ppm as required by CARB Phase 1. No added formaldehyde products are also available. Our laminates and adhesives are certified by the Greenguard Environmental Institute. Our production processes are environmentally responsible and we utilize water based adhesives reducing VOC emissions.

OFM Inc.: OFM created a complete line of products designed to the strictest green specifications for you and your office or school furniture needs that guarantees products with low chemical emissions. At the same time, we hold these products to our same high standards of quality and price making sure you get nothing but the best, so you don’t have to sacrifice going green.
At OFM, we are creating a green environment too. After installing a 500-kilowatt system made up of 2,084 solar panels on the roof our main headquarters in North Carolina we are now carbon-neutral. We are also certified as a New Renewable Energy Facility.

Ergotron Corp.: We manufacture our products the old-fashioned way: we make them ourselves here in the USA. Our state-of-the-art equipment processes raw materials into finished goods in a cycle that lasts 2 to 5 days. Our finishing processes are environmentally friendly, and our fabrication and assembly routines are certified by ISO, UL, and ETL.