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Wood base science tables in science lab

Top 5 Surfaces for your Science Lab

Outfitting your STEM or Science Lab, or your Art Department? How do you know the best table top surface for your application? Here's the list of the Top 5 Science Table surfaces available and how they compare.
  1. Standard High Pressure Laminate Tops 1" industrial grade particle board core laminate with standard HPL (High Pressure Laminate). This durable surface is like your kitchen counter top and suitable for areas that are not exposed to acids or reagents.
  2. Chem Resistant Laminate (Chemsurf) The 1" table tops are laminated with chemical resistant "Chemsurf". Suitable for all K-12 science laboratory situations. The cannot be used in areas with high acid concentrations.
  3. Phenolic Resin Core 3/4" phenolic resin core with a chemical resistant surface. Water and heat resistant and suitable for use in K-12 science laboratory applications that do not require maximum acid resistance.
  4. Solid Epoxy Resin Individually molded solid core tops. Suitable for use where maximum concentrations of acids are used. Water and heat resistant.
  5. Durasurf Acid resistant characteristics similar to solid expoy. The core is MDF and coated with an epoxy powder 3-5 ml finish. Maximum acid and scratch resistance. Suitable for use in k-12 science laboratory applications.
Additional information, specific acid resistance and performance specifications are available upon request. Bakagain provides all standard sizes, top surfaces and even adjustable heights. We can also have your tables and cabinets custom made to your specification. Call 910.769.2422 with your request and we will provide a quotation asap! or email Science Lab Tables and Cabinets Science Tables Custom Fit
HealthCare Design Trends 2015 - Linear Design & Color

4 HealthCare Design Trends 2015

4 HealthCare Design Trends 2015 The most recent "Designer Pages" article on "Hospitality Furniture Trends" suggests that linear details in furniture design along with color, visually accent your decor. We agree & extend the market to include HealthCare Furniture. When considering DESIGN create a cohesive look to your space by avoiding too many different ideas in one area. Do you like simplicity, geometric arrangements, curved or linear, bold or natural styles? Choose a theme & then punctuate with dashes of color to a monochromatic decor or add a contoured seating arrangement to a rectangular layout. These design details will add a style to your facility. Reflect your professional image & create a positive environment for your patients. Here are 4 HealthCare Design Trend examples for Health Care Facilities, Senior Living Communities & Nursing Home Furniture:
  1. Distinct Lounge Chair and Sofa: The SIMPLICITY of color allows the negative & positive space to create undistracted visual interest.
  2. Jump Seat: Our Jump Seats transforms an ordinary hall into stylized space saving seating solution. The wall-mounted seating systems adds an artistic GEOMETRIC DESIGN to an otherwise lack hallway.
  3. Recoil Lounge Seating: The flexible steel frame adds CONTOUR to your lobby or waiting room & comfort for your patients. The 400 pound weight capacity & anti-microbial / anti-bacterial PVC free coverings are available in BOLD COLORS & add dynamics to your decor.
  4. Bedside Tables: A leaf motif was incorporated on this cabinet door adding a NATURAL warm look to your patient room. Our nursing home patient room furnishings are available in numerous finishes options, contemporary to traditional door fronts & hardware adding personal style for your patients wellbeing.
When choosing healthcare furniture budget & value is the driving force. We get that. At Bakagain Inc you will find value priced furniture with exceptional style & function.
STEM saves ART

STEM saves ART

Stem Science Technology Engineering Math Over the past decade music and art have sadly been reduced or eliminated from the education budget. Luckily our public school at the time did not follow that unfortunate trend. I remember sitting at the kitchen counter with our son's friend who expressed that he didn't have time to take art because of all of his other IMPORTANT classes. I said "Colby, you can't really feel that art is unimportant - do you?" He really did feel that way. This is the same kid that went on to be at the top of his class and is currently studying to be an engineer. I wonder if now in his second year in college, he thinks about art with a new perspective. Our other son's friend Kathy was always a clever girl, and it was apparent from when she was just a toddler. She also went on to study engineering - industrial engineering. Kathy and I had a chance to catch up when she was on break from school and I asked her how it was going. She said the "math" was very challenging and she and her "artist" friends had to work pretty hard to keep on track. But many of the "Math and Techie" oriented students struggled with the art classes. What a valuable observation. I'd like to think that when Kathy was busy collecting her objects from nature and arranging them in forts made from pool towels and chairs that she was really in the early stages of her education by combining her artistic talents with her science curiosity that ultimately lead her to study industrial engineering. So thank you STEM for saving ART!  Stem, Science, Technology, Engineering Mathematics & ART. Note: I was inspired to write this memory after seeing the beautiful patterns in the ice along a sandy trail. Which patterns developed during the freezing process? Which were caused by the warmth of the sun and which by the elements around them. I may not entirely understand the science behind the patterns but I sure appreciate the natures beauty. See more ICE PHOTOS Visit Bakagain Inc to view and purchase technology furniture and products or call 910-769-2422

STEM Education – Making Comes Naturally

STEM Education How do we DESIGN learning to INSPIRE students to be CREATORS? Have you surfed the web for STEM education lately? As I researched STEM education, specifically in North Carolina, I was flabbergasted at just how much our schools have embraced infusing Science, Technology, Engineering and Math. And STEAM which adds another important ingredient - Art - into the mix. One inspiring blog site - - writes "Making comes naturally - it's what we do" "Making has many names: Tinkering, inventing, engineering, creating" "New technologies have reinvigorated the art of making". - writes "North Carolina’s STEM Education connects education programs, postsecondary education, policy-makers, business/industry" "our citizens are learning the skills that will keep their communities globally competitive" Want to be inspired? Surf STEM Bakagain, Inc Technology and Education Furniture
Senior Living Seating - a Solid Foundation for Active Seniors

Senior Living Seating – a Solid Foundation for Active Seniors

Senior Living Seating - a Solid Foundation for Active Seniors Seniors benefit from participating in activities at recreational centers, clubhouses and social gatherings. On-site facilities provide seniors with the opportunity to connect with peers & participate in activities, arts & crafts, holiday and visitor gatherings, continuing education classes or interest groups and movie nights. Who doesn't enjoy laughing, creating and feeling proud to be part of an active community? Physical and mental activity is not only vital, it's fun! At Bakagain, Inc. we address these social interactions with a complete selection of seating options for your facility. Attractive AntiMicrobial/AntiBacterial vinyls and stain resistant fabrics are both attractive and durable. Sofa's with a swivel tablet arm allow savvy seniors to easily surf the web or enjoy a brain teaser. Sturdy stack chairs seat seniors comfortably at art and craft tables and allow staff to quickly set-up or change activities. Our dining tables and chairs provide the essence of dining out and enjoying a full and rich evening with fellow guests. Comfortable, Stylish, Colorful and Durable Seating is a solid foundation for active seniors. Purposeful SeatingSeating for Senior Living Facilities
Kwikboost Charging Stations

Kwikboost Charging Station

kwikboost charging stationDo you have a location where a lot of people congregate? then the Kwikboost Charging Station is perfect! Here is the Kwik version of how the phone charging stations are made.

Billboard - Your branding printed on the upright stand. Tech box - MFi certified “Made for iPhone/iPad/iPod.” It means permission by Apple to sell/manufacture authorized accessories (such as cables.). Includes a built-in ledge for your mobile devices with perfectly optimized holes that offer the right amount of strain relief for your devices and tangle free cords. Cords for other devices are also available. Upright - Stable, portable and durable. Base - The Base is connected to the upright with two bolts and this keeps the whole system well-balanced. Whether you are moving your phone charging stations or they are in an area that has a lot of foot traffic, you don’t have to worry about them getting tipped over! Call Bakagain 336-701-2333 to design and order Kwikboost for your facility. or email More from Kwikboost
EdSpaces Conference Expo Tampa

New Designs EdSpaces

New Designs EdSpaces Conference Expo EdSpaces, formerly NSSEA provided a look at new products from leading designers including James Baker of Bakagain, Inc. Jim's new designs include:
  • Locking Tablet Locker style cabinet to charge and independently secure 24 devices
  • Mobile Communication Message board
  • Mobile Training Tables to create modular collaborative stations which fold for storage when not in use
Need something custom designed for your business, school or healthcare facility? Great show and seminars at EdSpaces 2014 - see you next year!  
Message Communication Board

Communication Boards – 3 Ways to Customize Your Message

Communication Boards - 3 Ways to Customize Your Message Customized message boards are a great way to help your staff, patients, doctors and family members communicate and adds an extra layer of comfort to their care. Communication in a hospital or other caring facility can be a challenge. Why not encourage, communicate and celebrate progress while providing pleasing artwork to cheer up the room? Here are 3 examples of how you can customize your message and logo on our beautiful re-writable message boards.
  • Brushed flush silver frame
  • Ready to hang
  • Many designs to choose from or customize your artwork
Carolina Battleship NC

Why Work with your Small Business Center?

Why Work with your Small Business Center?

The Small Business Association is a valuable resource for your business venture regardless of size or industry. In addition to the wealth of information contained on the SBA site including this link to locating your local SBC Small Business Center.  In my state of NC there are 52 Small Business Centers though the network of community colleges and state university system.

We can’t be experts at everything and the SBC can help bridge the gap with guidance and bringing in outside resources to reach your goals. We know our products, manufacturing, accounting and how to create attractive marketing materials. But navigating new market channels and getting our ducks in a row for federal contracting requires professional direction & advice. I will outline more about resources including PTAC Procurement and Technical Centers, and SCORE in a future blog.

Building Block Benefits with SBC: We learned the importance of and created our Capability Statement including the information that federal contracting agents and prime contractors use to locate and team with suppliers. In fact on October 16th we are exhibiting at the FEDCON 2014 Summit  at the Wilmington, NC Convention center hosted by the North Carolina Military Business Center, also within the SBA network.

The “FEDCON Summit” brings together over 600 representatives of the Corps of Engineers, Naval Facilities Engineering Command, Fort Bragg, Marine Corps Installations East/Camp Lejeune, MCAS Cherry Point, Seymour Johnson AFB, US Coast Guard, Department of Veterans Affairs, General Services Administration, other federal agencies and installations, general and specialty contractors, designers and construction suppliers in North Carolina. Without the guidance of the SBC and the NCMBC we would have missed this opportunity to connect with these high level contacts.

I encourage you to visit the Small Business Association to see how you can benefit from this free and professional organization. 

FEDCON Summit 2014


What is GreenGuard Certification?

GreenGuard Certification Products must meet stringent emissions standards based on established chemical exposure criteria to ensure interior products and materials have low chemical emissions to improve the quality of the air in which the products are used. Products that have achieved GreenGuard Certification are scientifically proven to meet some of the world’s most rigorous, third-party chemical emissions standards, helping reduce indoor air pollution and the risk of chemical exposure while aiding in the creation of healthier indoor environments. Click GreenGuard Certification to learn more about GreenGuard on the organizations website.

A few of our GreenGuard Gold products at Bakagain Inc. include:

  • X5 sliding storage system - The X5 Sliding Steel Shelving Systems recover wasted floor space by 40-70% by turning aisles into more storage area. Shelving Units slide effortlessly on our exclusive, patented track system and holds up to 600 lbs of distributed weight per shelf.
  • Our X5 Lite Sliding Steel Shelving holds up to an impressive 300 lbs/ shelf.
  • For mobile storage our GreenGuard Mobile Media and Utility Carts are available in 7 sizes with sturdy 5″ locking casters and chrome finish shelves & frame.
  • Vibrant GreenGuard Net Contemporary Seating and Tables are designed for both indoor and outdoor uses.
JumpSeat Flex Seat Auditorium sit

Sedia Systems Seating 600 lb. Capacity Folds to 4″

Sedia Systems Seating 600 lb. Capacity Folds to 4" The award-winning JumpSeat Collection by Sedia Systems provides a solution for limited space by folding to less than four inches when not in use. The innovative folding mechanism allows the seat to cantilever off the wall, making it ideal for hospital corridors, waiting rooms and other public areas where space is at a premium. Its versatility and space-saving characteristics allow healthcare, educational and corporate facilities to use the chairs in numerous spaces throughout their environments.

Sedia Systems Seating JumpSeat Features at a glance

• Flex Spring Seat • Floor Mounted or Wall Mounted Choices • Tested to 600 pounds • Optional arm material, Anodized Aluminum & Birch Plywood • 1″ upholstered fixed seat cushion • Straight or radius row configurations (floor mounted) • Flat, sloped or tiered floor installations • Manufactured with NAUF plywood • Microban antimicrobial product protection For more information of to purchase Sedia Systems Jump Seating, please give us a call at 910-769-2422 or visit our Bakagain Inc Furniture web pages Floor mounted Sedia Systems Jump Seating Wall mounted Sedia Systems Jump Seating
Tablet Charging Cart Up to 40 Devices Mobile

Mobile Tablet Computer Charging Carts

For immediate release Mobile Tablet Computer Charging Carts Our Charging Carts for Mini Laptops, like Chromebooks, is flexible, use it to store and charge just Chromebooks or mix and match with Tablets, e-Readers, Hand-Helds and Smart Phones. Adjust the width of bays and height of shelves to fit any device in any case.
  • Lift and set shelves and pop and go bays make the interior of the cart completely configurable, so the end user can adjust it to fit their current devices, their next devices, and the ones after that. One is only limited by the overall size of the cart, which is very small indeed!
  • Adjustability, YES. The Charging Carts have shelves and bays that are completely adjustable. They can be reconfigured when devices change, so they’re essentially future proof. The Charging Carts will fit devices today, tomorrow, and in the future.
  • There are four different versions of our Charging Cart: the ChromeBook Charging Cart, the Tablet Charging Cart, the Tablet Charging Sync Cart, and the YES Cart for Charging Cart for ChromeBooks.
  • Chromebooks, Ultrabooks and Netbooks - basically any device with a 13” screen or smaller - fit perfectly in the Cart for ChromeBooks. Its bays and shelves adjust to fit from 1-36 mini-laptop devices of all shapes and sizes, with or without cases. This Cart also features a built-in power management system that alternates power from one side of the cart to the other. We also have a small version of the Cart for ChromeBooks, which holds from 1-20 devices.
  • For users who use iOS devices and need built-in sync, we have the Cart for Tablets with Wired Sync, which has 32 USB ports that allow simultaneous sync and charge. Yes Tablet Charging Carts