5 Words to Achieve Success

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5 Words to Achieve Success

  1. Model
  2. Lead
  3. TestMesa-Classroom
  4. Repeat
  5. Practice

While reading a mission statement from a local North Carolina Charter School I contemplated their five point teaching model. What I love about the model is the way the second portion of each point tells us the ACTION we can take. And the third portion gives us some verbal ideas to rally ENTHUSIASM. These points can be creatively applied to all types of learning in school, on the job and with our families. Teaching and learning is a collaborative effort. This method provides the opportunity to demonstrate a variety of examples to reach a diverse population. Would you want to learn how to dance, or ski, or learn a new software program with the instructor just standing their shouting instructions?
I doubt it.
Let’s achieve success together!

  1. Model – Demonstrate the skill or behavior. “Watch me do it!”
  2. Lead – Lead the group in performing the skill. “Let’s all do it together!”
  3. Test – Have the group demonstrate the skill. “Now, show me how you do it!”
  4. Repeat until firm. This means mastery. Use lots of examples and non-examples.
  5. Practice learned skills. Advance to the next small skill.

Show me how – Lets do it together – Watch me to see that I have it right – Repeat – Practice. You are ready to advance to the next small skill.